To mark International Women’s Day (IWD), SLC is highlighting colleagues who are challenging perceptions about technology being a male oriented profession.

As a female in a senior security role in a large organisation, I feel a responsibility to show other women that they can lead in technology. As the saying goes, ‘if you can see it, you can be it’ and I not only want to be visible in my role but supportive of other women in the sector.

Technology is an exciting career choice which opens up opportunities in many different areas. But for me, working in security is particularly fulfilling. I know that through the work my team and I do every day, we are protecting customer data and ultimately keeping our customers and SLC safe.

Like many, I have an unconventional career path into tech and security. I joined SLC in 2015 following a career pivot in 2011. After 11, fantastic years with the BBC in Glasgow I embarked on a master’s degree in Computer Forensics in 2011. My initial degree was in Cell Biology but I pursued several additional qualifications, including a postgraduate diploma in IT Studies. Following my Master’s degree, I joined the Clydesdale Bank on their graduate programme before moving to SLC in 2015 as a security incident manager.

At SLC I have found supportive managers who champion women in the workplace, particularly our Chief Information Officer, Stephen Campbell, who has been very supportive of my career progression at SLC and championing women in tech.

I am very enthusiastic about inspiring the next generation of technology professionals and work closely with our People team on the apprenticeship programme. In a non-COVID world, I proactively visit local schools to talk to young people about what’s involved in a job in security for a large organisation, such as SLC.

This International Women’s Day, I hope that by sharing my experience I can show that tech is a great career choice, and that there are opportunities out there for our leaders of the future.

Published 8 March 2021