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Labour market and skills projections: 2017 to 2027

Working Futures labour market and skills projections for the period 2017 to 2027.


Long-run labour market and skills projections: main report

Ref: ISBN 978-1-83870-093-5, DFE-RR970PDF, 2.43MB, 150 pages

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Long-run labour market and skills projections: headline report

Ref: ISBN 978-1-83870-094-2, DFE-RR970PDF, 1.25MB, 54 pages

Technical report on sources and methods

Ref: ISBN 978-1-83870-092-8, DFE-RR970PDF, 799KB, 102 pages


Ref: ISBN 978-1-83870-091-1, DFE-RR970PDF, 973KB, 84 pages


Working Futures provides a comprehensive and detailed model of the UK labour market and skills needs. It projects the future size and shape of the labour market by considering employment prospects by industry, occupation, qualification level, gender and employment status.

This edition of the report projects labour market information for the period 2017 to 2027.

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