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Learn How to Enrich Foreign Language Education with Authoring Tools!

Join our webinar where you will learn how to enrich foreign language education with authoring tools!

In this training, Sabire Akay will show you how authoring tools can be used in foreign language education with various examples. You will be able to examine the study of the growing interest in authoring tools not only at the corporate level, but also in the context of both K12 and Higher Education from a foreign language perspective. In addition, Akay will eliminate your question marks about the use of authoring tools in foreign language education with the Q&A activity to be held at the end of the session.

Sabire Akay graduated from the Department of English Language Teaching in 2020 as the top scoring student in the department and the second top-scorer student in the university. Akay, who has been carrying out various studies in the field of e-learning and educational technologies at the higher education level for about 2 years, is also involved in content design processes for various institutions and organizations. Akay, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree, is conducting her thesis studies on the use of authoring tools in pre-service teacher training.

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