From education to employment enters the market of corporate education

The international educational online platform announces the launch of a new educational product Lectera Corp. – a purposely-developed module for corporate training. Like all the other Lectera courses, Lectera Corp. is globally available from the moment of the launch in four languages: Russian, English, German and Spanish. At any time and from any place, platform’s corporate clients’ employees can undergo training in the most popular areas: sales, business, digital marketing, leadership, Internet traffic, professions of the digital era, financial literacy, and soft skills. 

“As the education provided by Lectera Corp. is practice-oriented, it ensures the employer the highest ROI in employees’ at-the-job training. This is one of the key decisive choice factors for customers worldwide, both international giants as well as medium and small businesses.” CEO of Mila Semeshkina says.

“An in-house corporate training program helps to increase team loyalty, provides a motivation boost, as well as opens up new prospects for each employee within the company. Employee training is a positive trend in any team striving to be effective at any time.” 

The corporate offer features the ability to develop and launch in less than a month courses tailored to the customer’s request. A personal manager will help the client company to select the courses meeting its current needs in the best way. After customer’s authorization on Lectera Corp. administration and subscription for new courses will be automated via the platform’s website and mobile applications. As of today, corporate subscription to Lectera Corp. can be arranged in just a few days, with full integration of the selected training programs into the customer company’s LMS (Learning Management System) within just a couple of weeks. Such possibilities are also the Lectera’s distinctive advantage. 

Furthermore, Lectera Corp. offers its corporate clients courses which are a third or half the price of those for individual users. 

Lectera Corp. module launch will include two steps: 

Step 1: Opening the access to corporate subscriptions to courses, with integration into corporate clients’ LMS via the basic version of the platform’s corporate module which is already available: Lectera Corp. ; 

Step 2: A full-fledged corporate university is to be launched before the end of 2020, with its own platform – providing allocation through areas of education, as well as skills assessment and in-depth analytics on the Lectera Corp. used by client company’s employees. 

Lectera Corp. module’s pre-sales have displayed a high demand on courses on sales techniques improvement as well as development of soft skills. New courses will soon appear on the Lectera platform, addressing the corporate clients’ unmet demand – these include digital education, a series of courses on digital literacy improvement for older employees, and much more. 

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