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Mindstone partners with Harvard Business Review to enhance the impact of online reading

HBR readers can select any text in an article to create a highlight or add a note

Mindstone, the learning platform that helps people learn faster and remember more from the articles, podcasts, and videos they interact with daily, has announced a partnership with Harvard Business Review to enhance the online reading experience for HBR’s subscribers. 

As part of a pilot that started in February, HBR is offering Mindstone’s annotation tools to select subscribers, enabling them to highlight, comment, and take notes on the articles they read on The annotation feature can be activated through a toolbar on any HBR article page and is designed to be embedded into the reading experience. Annotations are private and can only be viewed by the user.  

“We’re on a mission to help people manage information overload and maximize their learning,” said Joshua Wöhle, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindstone. “With its focus on research and best practices for leaders, including a rich archive that goes back over 30 years, Harvard Business Review is an ideal partner. We hope our tools help HBR’s readers engage even more deeply with articles and extract and remember key insights from them.”

The annotation tools are currently available to more than 150,000 users in the first phase of the pilot. Over time, the goal of the pilot is to expand access and add more features.

“Our audience doesn’t just read our content—they want to apply the ideas we publish to their companies and their careers,” said Anne Bartholomew, Director of Product Management of Harvard Business Review. “We’re excited to bring readers Mindstone’s innovative tools to help them focus on the information that’s valuable to them.” 

Harvard Business Review is the first media partner for Mindstone, a venture-backed startup that serves the education and consumer markets. In addition to integrating with, Mindstone is available as a browser extension and as an app for Apple and Android.

About Mindstone

Founded in 2020, Mindstone allows users to organise, share and take notes on web pages, PDFs, videos, and podcasts and put these resources into playlists others can learn from. By rigorously employing the science of learning, Mindstone enables people to learn faster and remember more at the same time. 

HBR readers can select any text in an article to create a highlight or add a note

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