A collection of documents published by Ofqual in relation to National Assessments (some of which are also known as SATs).

In regulating national assessments, Ofqual’s objectives are to promote standards and confidence in statutory early years and national curriculum assessments, such as those at key stage 1 and key stage 2 (taken during state primary education). We provide an independent view on the validity of assessment, in particular on technical aspects such as test development, standard setting and marking. We carry out our work through monitoring and providing feedback on assessment processes, carrying out research and reporting publically on key aspects of assessment validity.

National curriculum assessments are developed and delivered by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA), part of the Department for Education. The Standards and Testing Agency has a statutory duty to investigate matters which relate to the accuracy or correctness of results or outcomes of national curriculum assessments; we pass on complaints we receive to the STA for investigation.

Additional information

Regulatory framework

More information on Ofqual’s specific powers and duties in relation to national assessments can be found in our Regulatory framework for national assessments.

Annual Reports

  1. National assessments regulation annual report 2019
    • Corporate report
  2. National assessments regulation annual report 2018
    • Corporate report
  3. National assessments regulation annual report 2017
    • Corporate report

Research and other publications

  1. Consultation response regarding Early Years reforms
    • Correspondence
  2. Memorandum of Understanding: Ofqual and STA
    • Notice
  3. A review of approaches to assessing writing at the end of primary education
    • Research and analysis
  4. Letters regarding national assessments supplier change from 2020
    • Correspondence
  5. Moderation of teacher assessments
    • News story
  6. Observations on the consistency of moderator judgements
    • Research and analysis
  7. Regulatory framework for national assessments
    • Statutory guidance
  8. Regulating national assessments
    • Consultation outcome
  9. Research into national curriculum testing at key stage 2
    • News story
  10. Content validation study: 2016 key stage 2 English and maths tests
    • Research and analysis
  11. Primary assessment consultations: Ofqual’s response
    • Correspondence

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