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OrCam Technologies launches new learning solution to empower higher education students with learning and reading challenges

OrCam Technologies launches new learning solution to empower higher education students with learning and reading challenges

The DSA-approved, OrCam Learn DSA solution, allows students to read and learn independently with confidence

OrCam Technologies, innovator of life-changing, personal “AI as a companion” solutions, has today launched the OrCam Learn DSA, a comprehensive AI-driven study partner for students with Disability Student Allowance (DSA) funding. The OrCam Learn DSA is exclusively available through our partner, VisionAid Technologies.

An evolution of the 2021 TIME Magazine 100 Best Inventions Winner OrCam Read, the interactive OrCam Learn DSA empowers students with learning challenges – including dyslexia – to effectively read and learn, resulting in enhanced comprehension, reading fluency, and improves overall confidence in an education setting.

The OrCam Learn DSA is a wireless, lightweight, pen-sized device with an intuitive point-and-click operation. It features two precision laser guidance options, allowing a student to read a whole page of text with a single click, or target a specific word; saving meaningful time when studying.

Suzy Taylor, B.A Criminology Student at The Open University said,

“OrCam Learn supports me greatly with my Open University studies. But more than that, it helps me in my everyday life. OrCam Learn’s many features can be used anywhere I need them.”

Students with dyslexia or other learning challenges can easily read text with the OrCam Learn DSA, whether that’s in textbooks, digital screens, or signs for navigating around new environments through instant audio playback. For higher education students this versatility helps students to achieve their full potential regardless of learning challenges.

“Independent learning is a focus of higher education, and often students with learning or reading challenges will not have, nor will they want, the level of teaching support they might have had at school”, said Irie Meltzer, UK Director of OrCam Technologies. “It’s important that students are not discouraged from pursuing higher education, due to difficulties with reading, and that they are supported to be more confident in their own abilities. OrCam Learn DSA has been developed to support and encourage students to take charge of their learning so that they can thrive on a level educational playing field.”

The solution comes with a reading pace feature. OrCam Learn DSA will match the student’s desired pace of reading and can also be paused between words to allow the user to get the most out of the text. It can also be used within examination settings by activating ‘Exam Mode’ that ensures there is no possibility of any Wi-Fi, cloud or Bluetooth connectivity.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with OrCam Technologies to launch the OrCam Learn DSA. We’ve been supporting students with learning challenges for over 25 years and the OrCam Learn DSA is the biggest single advancement in text-to-speech assistive technology. We’re so excited to see the positive impact this is going to have in supporting higher education students through their education” said Ellis Ellis, Managing Director of VisionAid Technologies. “We’ve seen students struggling with other handheld text-to-speech audio devices and the difference when students use an OrCam Learn DSA is truly remarkable and incredibly empowering for them.”

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