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Non-Profit Coding School Empowers Diverse Talent to Enter Tech Industry

Non-Profit Coding School Empowers Diverse Talent to Enter Tech Industry

Social Hackers Academy is a leading technical education provider which offers industry-approved technical courses that leads to employment for successful graduates.

What makes Social Hackers Academy different from other education providers is its unique approach to learning. They place a strong emphasis on collaboration and learning by doing, with students working together to solve problems and create real-world applications and websites.

“Our mission is to democratise access to education and the labour market, resulting in decent work and economic growth”, says Damian Vavanos, one the founders of Social Hackers Academy. “We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or financial situation should have the opportunity to pursue a career in tech”.

Apart from the technical education, Social Hackers Academy provides a range of employability support and soft skills development “Essentially, we’ve emulated the way that tech companies work for our graduates to have the skills required to be employed, which made us confident to be offering a job guarantee for all graduates” says Damian Vavanos. “I was impressed with SHA’s social awareness and signed up. I had no background in code, yet in a short while, I learned a lot. That is impressive! However, I am most impressed with the teachers and mentors. They are always around to inspire you, motivate you, answer any question you might have and put a smile on your face. I would definitely recommend SHA.” says Peggy Kalliani a recent graduate.

As a result of its unique pedagogical approach and commitment to placing its students, Social Hackers Academy has achieved a 91% placement rate for its graduates. The tech talent shortage is around 2 Million, says BBC, and keeps growing, “a fact that makes Social Hackers Academy excited about what the future holds for all our graduates”, says Damian.

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