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Over 100 Apprenticeship Opportunities in ‘My Head Start’ 2023 Campaign

my head start campaign

Workplus – Northern Ireland’s apprenticeship marketplace – has announced over 100 apprenticeship opportunities in this year’s ‘My Head Start’ campaign.

Applications are now open for 120 apprenticeship roles across the sectors and at various levels.

As well as being a campaign to encourage applications, ‘My Head Start’ aims to inspire society to see the many benefits of apprenticeships. Over the coming weeks, Workplus will share the stories of apprentices – both school leavers and career changers – who are thriving in their career and education.

People can apply from 16thJanuary to 24thFebruary, with apprenticeships starting from May to September. Opportunities are available in Fintech, Software Development, Engineering, Banking, Customer Operations and more areas, including Higher Level Apprenticeships.

Richard Kirk, CEO of Workplus, established the company to make the apprenticeship system easier for employers as well as applicants. Richard said:

“We are pleased to have such a variety of roles in thriving sectors available in this year’s campaign. The reason we are passionate about apprenticeships is because we have seen their many benefits.  From the apprentice side, the blend of working, continuing with formal education and mentoring has proven to be an enriching and fruitful combination. From the employer side, companies can grow their own early talent, which feeds into wider benefits including staff retention and encouraging a culture of lifelong learning.”

“Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing stories of apprentices including an apprentice software developer who was a taxi driver, and a former Deputy Head girl who knew full-time university wasn’t for her. We will also be holding a number of events during the campaign, including one for parents, a workshop for applicants and a meet-up for current Workplus apprentices.”

He added, “We believe in the importance of having a collaborative, coordinated approach to the apprenticeship system. It makes sense, both for employers as well as applicants. Workplus is more than simply about apprentice recruitment, it’s a membership network committed to nurturing and creating opportunities for early talent.”

Welcoming the launch of the Workplus 2023 ‘My Head Start’ campaign, Clement Athanasiou, Director of Apprenticeships, Careers and Vocational Education at the Department for the Economy, commented: “Building our local skills base is a key part of our economic recovery and as we move into a decade of economic transformation around the Department’s 10X Economic Vision this campaign by Workplus, which will match aspiring apprentices with employers, is a welcome contribution in helping to develop that local skills base.”

Workplus has 40 member companies, from large multi-nationals to thriving small businesses. Rather than applying to companies directly, applicants can apply for multiple opportunities by completing one application through Workplus.

Aimee Harte, a civil engineering apprentice at McAdam Design, said:

“Choosing to do an apprenticeship is the best decision I’ve made. It’s a great mix of work and continuing education.”

Nathan Reid, a civil engineering apprentice at Farrans, said, “I haven’t looked back since starting my apprenticeship. Blending work with education brings learning to life. I’m earning a salary and will have no student debt when I graduate. Workplus makes it much easier to find a great apprenticeship and I am so pleased I chose this pathway.”

An apprenticeship is a blend of working and continuing education, gaining recognised qualifications. An apprentice typically spends 80% of their working week in the workplace, and 20% in classroom-based learning through a college, university or training provider.

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