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Oxford International partners with Student Circus to boost international students’ employability and job prospects

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Oxford International Education Group (OIEG), a leading provider of digital tools to support international students in higher education, today announced a collaboration with Student Circus to help international students find work. 

Through the partnership, OIEG’s international students gain access to Student Circus, an award-winning employability platform, as well as a portfolio of information, toolkits, resources and a dynamic jobs board to help with all aspects of job search. 

In addition to the new platform, OIEG’s Pre-Master’s pathway offers students the opportunity to seek placements and visa-enabled jobs, from the start of their pre-sessions programme, to during their time at university and then beyond graduation. 

Combining these tools and expert knowledge, OIEG and Student Circus’ partnership equips international students with everything they need to confidently step into their degrees and universities. Furthermore, it levels the playing ground for international student cohorts, as they seek to enter the job market alongside their nationally domiciled peers. 

Commenting on the partnership, Tripti Maheshwari, Director & Co-founder at Student Circus said:

“We’re delighted to partner with OIEG and help international students be career-ready before they start a full-time degree, while also empowering them to find work post-graduation. Through this exciting partnership, students will get access to top-notch resources and advice to be fully equipped while navigating the UK labour market – which means they enter university with an edge!” 

Lil Bremmerman-Richard, CEO of OIEG, said:

With this partnership we can help international students before, during and after they study. International students entering the workforce bring valuable perspectives and experience, but often find it difficult to get work in their chosen field upon graduation. Our partnership with Student Circus ensures they’re in the best possible position to put their skills to direct use in the job market. When international students do well, so does the UK economy.”

Please also find below two testimonials from students who have benefitted from Student Circus: 

Lavanya Sivakumar, Assurance Associate at EY via Student Circus says:

“Student Circus was very helpful because all the companies advertised on the website sponsored visas, so it saved me a lot of valuable time .”

Oluwatimilehin Adeyanju, a PhD candidate at BCU, says:

“Student Circus has developed systems and established principles that aid international students in making successful job applications. I left the session organised by Student Circus realising the value of my diversity as an international student and how it can be maximised in a job application.”

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