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Pupils at award-winning online school share their passions

Pupils at award-winning online school share their passions

An award-winning online school has introduced a new initiative for youngsters who want to get their fellow pupils involved in their passions.

The Student Interest Groups (SIGs) launched by Minerva’s Virtual Academy allow pupils from around the world to share their interests with their peers.

The groups will meet every fortnight and will be run by student leaders, with responsibilities decided by the group. A nominated teacher will act as an advisor.

Lawrence Tubb, headmaster, said:

“At Minerva, our ethos is very much the empowerment of our students, whether that be through the way they study or through helping them share their outside interests.

“Our new Student Interest Groups give our students a forum to advocate for a cause, develop a passion, raise awareness, lead initiatives, and shape how we develop as a community.”

The school has had a number of proposals put forward already, including an environmental group, a group exploring the future of humanity in space, and a group that would raise awareness and money for a different charity every term.

“It has been great to see the ideas that students are coming up with and helping to take them forward,” said Lawrence.

“At Minerva we champion self-sufficiency, collaboration, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, leadership, and mindfulness. The Student Interest Groups combine all of these things in something our students feel passionate about.”

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is a multi award-winning online independent school for 12-18 year olds that delivers world-class education with a true sense of community.

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