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Rebuild Education Rebuild Hope

Primary and secondary school students from around the world have been sending in their designs to be part of a global fundraising initiative to support school-aged children impacted by natural disasters and conflicts of war.

Rebuild Challenge entries
Imaginative school designs from students aged 6 to 19 around the world

Schools and education are considered one of the most important factors in helping future generations exist in harmony with the natural environment.  Achieving inclusive and quality education for all is Goal Four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Education, where all young people complete primary and secondary school education, is seen as one of the most powerful factors towards a sustainable, more equitable future.

Many things can contribute to making access to education difficult. Natural disasters such as flooding, drought, landslide, earthquake and wildfires, and man-made catastrophes, such as territorial conflict and war, can destroy school buildings, making education inaccessible for young people.   

The “Rebuild Education Rebuild Hope” STEM Challenge from the British International Education Association is an ongoing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programme. In this project, we are asking students to consider how they would choose to sustainably rebuild their school if given the opportunity to redesign all the buildings. The students will consider how new school buildings might fit into the local environment and how they would make it a safe and welcoming safe place for education to continue. 

Open to students aged from 6 to 19 years old. Working in a team or independently, this BIEA STEM Project is flexible so there are no wrong answers – we just want to see how creative and innovative young people can be!

All qualifying entries will be showcased in London this autumn and contribute to an international fundraising campaign to raise awareness and much-needed financial aid for those in need.

To encourage your schools/clubs and students to take part, check out the challenge website:

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