Information about the new reception baseline assessment for schools.

These documents provide information for schools about the new reception baseline assessment which will become statutory in autumn 2021.

Use the documents to find out:

  • why it is being introduced
  • what it will look like
  • how results will be used
  • how the development process worked

Reception baseline assessment information video

The reception baseline assessment information video provides further details about the purpose of the assessment and how it will work in practice.

Reception baseline information

Published 27 February 2019
Last updated 7 May 2021 + show all updates

  1. Added ‘Reception baseline assessment: information for parents’ and ‘Reception baseline assessment validity report’.

  2. Added ‘Reception baseline assessment: equality impact assessment’ and ‘Reception baseline assessment: assessment and reporting arrangements (ARA)’.

  3. Updated to note any reference to the reception baseline assessment becoming statutory from 2020 in these documents is now inaccurate. Statutory introduction of the reception baseline assessment has been postponed to autumn 2021.

  4. First published.