Report by the Education Development Trust (EDT) on school-led projects aimed at reducing teacher workload.


Supporting teachers through the school workload reduction toolkit: March 2020

PDF, 3.9MB, 31 pages

Printable project posters produced by schools

ZIP, 5.55MB


EDT report on the recent project with schools from around England and the Teaching Schools Council (TSC). Based on resources from the School workload reduction toolkit, schools introduced new practices aimed at reducing teacher workload.

The aim was to understand better the potential wider effects of reducing teacher activity in areas such as:

  • marking and feedback
  • lesson planning
  • monitoring
  • data recording
  • communication policies

The overall findings of the project were that:

  • teacher-designed interventions significantly reduced teacher time
  • teacher wellbeing improved overall
  • reducing teacher workload was associated with a period of maintained or improved pupil outcomes

Printable project posters produced by schools

36 schools took part in the project with the TSC and EDT. The schools produced printable project posters explaining what they did and the results of their approaches.

All the posters are included in the zip file. They are designed to be printed on A3 paper.

Schools displayed their posters at a celebration event in London in March 2020.

Published 15 July 2020