Research looking at access to adult education and pay progression, examining the link between training and progression from low pay over an 8-year period.


Learning ladders: the role of adult training in supporting progression from low pay

PDF, 6.48MB, 57 pages

Technical annex: Increasing in-work training and progression for frontline workers

PDF, 996KB, 51 pages


The report finds that:

  • there are a range of factors that influence low paid workers escape from low pay but they are more likely to escape low pay if they are:
    • younger
    • live in London
    • come from a more privileged background
    • work in a professional occupation and are a white international migrants
  • training helps support low paid workers progress out of low pay
  • low paid workers participation in training varies depending on prior qualification levels, gender and geography
  • the impact differs according to the type of training undertaken; individuals undertaking higher levels of learning, particularly in subjects such as engineering and manufacturing, and longer courses are more likely to escape from low pay

The report also sets out recommendations for policy makers.

Published 13 November 2020