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Responsible management at the heart of the new ‘MSc in International Business and Development’ at the University of Sussex Business School

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International business leaders need to rapidly respond to concerns surrounding social and environmental issues, whilst also understanding the need for firms to achieve financial returns for shareholders.

This is why the new ‘MSc in International Business and Development’ has been launched at the University of Sussex Business School – to give future business leaders the skills they need to understand the principles of international business and strategic management through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“There’s a growing call for multinational enterprises to become meaningful participants in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. This MSc is at the intersection of international business and development – ideal for your future career” says Professor Vasiliki Bamiatzi, Course Director and Professor of Strategy and International Business at The University of Sussex Business School.

On this MSc, participants will study the link between the economic behaviours and policies of international business, and their impacts on sustainability and development.

“This course is perfect for those who are working in an international business or multinational corporation, development agency or international NGO, and would like to develop their knowledge to move into a leadership role. Additionally, it would suit graduates with a business, social science, international relations, law, or sustainable development background, who want to improve their professional skills to gain employment on the management or policy side of international business” says co-creator of the course Professor John Da Silva Luiz, Professor of Management at the Business School.

Building on practical and interpersonal skills, participants on the programme will work on a real-life consultancy project focusing on a business problem. This will allow students to become confident, knowledgeable and responsible managers with the key skills needed for global challenges.

The University of Sussex Business School is one of the top centres of expertise on international business development in the UK, and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact network, committed to creating a sustainable and inclusive global economy. The course is jointly delivered by the University of Sussex Business School and the School of Global Studies.

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