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School-led tutoring grant

School-led tutoring grant

2 September 2021: How schools and academy trusts should plan and deliver the national tutoring programme’s school-led tutoring to help pupils catch up on missed learning.


School-led tutoring

PDF, 301KB, 23 pages


This guidance is for:

  • school and academy trust leaders
  • school and academy trust staff
  • governing bodies

It applies to state-funded schools and academy trusts with pupils eligible for pupil premium.

It covers school-led tutoring:

  • eligibility
  • planning and organising tutoring (including how to support pupils and select tutors)
  • quality assurance
  • funding
  • accountability

Eligible state-funded schools and academy trusts will receive a ring-fenced grant to source their own tutoring provision for the 2021 to 2022 academic year.

Further guidance is available in the conditions of grant.

School-led tutoring is 1 of 3 subsidised tutoring options that are available through the national tutoring programme. The national tutoring programme supports disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils from year 1 to 11 to catch up on missed education due to COVID-19.

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