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Six brand new free apprenticeship resources from Amazing Apprenticeships

Addressing a wide variety of topics, the latest collection of free resources from Amazing Apprenticeships aims to help teachers, parents, carers and individuals to be better informed about all things apprenticeships.

Including straight-talking advice, clear explanation of current legislation, ‘how tos’ and ‘where tos’ the eight new downloads join the Amazing Apprenticeships free resource library. Intended primarily to help teachers prepare young people to make future decisions around apprenticeship application, they also offer parents and carers guidance in understanding the opportunities and supporting their child(ren) and employers insight into what might further attract young people to their apprenticeship offering.

The full range of 6 resources are

  1. How to write a CV – what to think about
  2. Apprenticeship finances – what can be accessed
  3. 9–1 v A*-G – demystifying GCSE grades
  4. Provider Acess Legislation (PAL) – the where, what and who
  5. Relocating for an apprenticeship – widening the opportunities
  6. What support can I expect from my child’s school?

“There is so much to learn that, often, researching options can feel like information overload,” said Director of Amazing Apprenticeships, Anna Morrison CBE. “Our Rapid Reads are written to help cut through confusion and offer clear, considered advice. They can be used by parents and students at home, teachers and careers advisors in the classroom or, of course, can form support materials from schools to parents and carers.“

The latest downloads join existing Rapid Reads including ‘What is an Apprenticeship’, ‘Apprenticeship Levels Explained and ‘What is a Degree Apprenticeship.

“The downloads will also help employers in shaping their offering and thinking about the barriers they may be inadvertently placing in front of potential applicants,” continues Morrison. “We encourage anyone involved in apprenticeships to take a look and see how they might use them.”

All of the resources are downloadable for free now from the Amazing Apprenticeships website.

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