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Havering Sixth form celebrates fantastic day of culture

culture day at havering sixth form

A Culture Day saw students at Havering Sixth Form embracing their differences and learning from each other about clothes, dance, music, language and food as they came together to showcase their heritage and traditions.

The day included a fun ‘red carpet runway’ at the college where traditional clothing and flags from around the world were displayed, with many proud to parade in their vibrant outfits representing their cultural identities.

Countries included India, Jamaica, Lithuania, Nigeria, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Ghana, Albania, Bangladesh, USA, and South Africa – and many more!

Students had the opportunity to sample a range of international food from stalls offering taster dishes, make tote bags and badges and celebrate their differences with a DJ accompanying performers of traditional dances.

A map of the world highlighted the different countries from where students identified their cultural heritage.

The event brought together a rich array of diverse traditions, with one student describing it as a chance to appreciate the beauty of other cultures.

Deputy Principal Phil Hall said:

“The Culture Day was another great success with a fantastic level of engagement from students and staff who enjoyed learning about various cultures and celebrating differences and similarities.

“I am proud to be a part of such an inclusive college community where students feel safe and able to wear their cultural dress with pride. It was a day of unity, diversity and celebration, where so many made an incredible effort and looked absolutely stunning.

“With all the food, flags and participation, it was an educational but very enjoyable day for everyone.”

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