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Tackling the revenue share model in Online Education

A revenue share model benefiting online Instructors first 

The revenue share model in Online Education is often a hot topic among instructors and experts willing to take the path of online teaching. There is a such abundance of models that it can be tricky to choose the good one.

At RE-L Network, the dedicated marketplace for learning & teaching online Real Estate, Property Technology and anything about the Built Environnment Industry, we’re tackling this issue for once and for all. We decided to remove our 10% transaction fee. Permanently.

What does it means for online instructors and teachers? They take back full control of their sales and income generated by their own work and dedication. Designing effective and engaging online courses is not easy, it demands time and hard work. We believe industry professionals and academics should be rewarded entirely for their commitment.

RE-L Network has been created specifically for Industry leaders and Academics with expertise in Real Estate, Architecture, Design, Photography, Finance, Construction, Marketing, Sales, Planning, Valuation… and everything about built environment. The learning platform has also interest in modern topics such as Property Technology and Sustainability, personal and professional development.

As an industry focused online marketplace, RE-L Network platform helps educators market and deliver their original content, monetize their knowledge and make an impact on their audience. RE-L Network mission is to disrupt the way people learn and earn online by connecting learners, students or professionals, to the best instructors from leading universities and corporations.

The exclusive all-in-one membership subscription makes Instructors onboarding easy, affordable and transparent. Having a sustainable business model that values both instructors and learners is at the centre of RE-L Network strategy and vision. The learning experience should keep learners engaged through innovative tools and content. It is also true for instructors who need a fair revenue share model to stay motivated to keep creating unforgettable lectures.

Here are some of the key features Instructors can enjoy when joining:

  • a very affordable all-in-one membership plan of 29.99£
  • unlimited students
  • unlimited courses and content hosting
  • 30-day free trial
  • cancel anytime for any reason
  • set-up own pricing
  • personalised certificates of achievement to reward learners
  • Stripe processing system, secure instant payments
  • No transaction fees at all, and more…

RE-L Network is making learning more meaningful for people everywhere, we aim to enrich learning experiences and innovate learning content generation.

Education Technology is now a reality in our everyday life, it just needs a reimagined model for better practices and more inclusion.

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