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The Approval and Funding Committee

The purpose of the Approval and Funding Committee is to make final decisions on the
approval of apprenticeships proposals, standards and assessment plans, and to make
final decisions on behalf of the Institute on funding band recommendations, which will be
put to DfE. The Committee also reviews and approves the associated content that makes
up the T Level technical qualification (TQ). This includes outline content, TQ specifications
and sample assessment materials.

1. Remit

The Approval and Funding Committee has delegated authority from the Institute’s Board to
oversee the approvals process. This includes the authority to:

  • make the final decision on whether to approve or reject proposals, standards
    and assessment plans (which will each have been scrutinised by the Route
    Panels), taking into account the definition of quality apprenticeships and
    emerging trends highlighted by the executive
  • make the final decision on whether to approve or reject funding band
    recommendations that have been scrutinised by the Route Panels and where
    the Route Panel has made a preliminary determination. These will then be put
    to DfE
  • oversee the triennial review of proposals, standards and assessment plans
    (‘The Standards Reviews’), as well as provide advice to the Quality Assurance
    Committee on the review of occupational routes (‘The Route Reviews’).
  • make the final decision on whether to approve or reject outline content for T
    Levels, submitted by T Level panels, which will have been scrutinised by Route
  • make the final decision on whether to approve or reject, and provide advice to
    the Institute’s Technical Education (Technical Qualification) Programme Board,
    on specific documentation relating to TQ content (qualification specification and
    specimen assessment materials) submitted by Awarding Organisations.

The Committee will also execute the strategic remit of the Institute by ensuring:

  • that approvals decisions across the 15 routes continue to align to the Institute’s
    quality statement.
  • that funding recommendations follow guidelines on overall funding policy.
  • there is a consistency of approach to standards, assessment plans, funding
    recommendations and T Level content submissions across the 15 route panels.
  • T Level decisions take into consideration the impact on apprenticeship standards
    and occupational maps.

The Approval and Funding Committee will provide wider advice to the Board relating to the
approach to Approvals and Funding, particularly where this may impact on the Institute’s
reputation or ability to achieve operational excellence.

2. Accountability

The Committee is accountable to the Institute’s Board. There will be a right of appeal from the proposing trailblazer groups to the Board.

3. Membership and attendance

The membership will be four board members. Quorum will be two board members and
decisions may be made by a simple majority. This Committee will be chaired by a
designated Board member.


  • Katherine Barclay
  • Bev Robinson
  • Robin Millar
  • Malcolm Press 

4. Meetings and quorum

The Committee will meet monthly, aligning with the Route Panel meetings to meet the 6-week approval deadline and the Institute’s Board meetings where possible. The Chief of
Staff’s Office will provide the secretariat function and will record minutes and actions falling out of the Committee meetings.

Business can be conducted electronically as this is a final ratification stage, and in exceptional circumstances, additional meetings of the Committee can be called.

5. Minutes





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