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Trends to Follow to Improve Your Brand Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is an important aspect to any business. In fact, in many instances loyal customers are worth their weight in gold compared to new consumers. However, retaining those customers is a more complex process than you might think.

One of the common misconceptions is that customer satisfaction, and loyalty is the same. You may have a satisfied customer, walking away with your product, but that certainly doesn’t mean they will come back for more services. Often, consumers will look for the best price, and if your competitor offers that, they will go before you can even say goodbye. The likes of Starbucks and Apple are a testimony to the statement. Customer loyalty marketing is also essential for revenue, with the cost of acquiring new customers significantly higher than maintaining existing ones. Leveraging loyalty also helps you understand your consumer better, thus improving your marketing strategies – it’s a win-win.

According to 3Cinteractive, 64% of brands have noticed an increase in consumer loyalty memberships, demonstrating prospects are looking for brands they can a trust in a world where they are dominated by ads. With that in mind, we’re sharing the biggest customer loyalty marketing trends and how you can breach the gap between brand and audience.

Customer loyalty marketing trends

When it comes to improving brand awareness, there are plenty of opportunities you can take. B2C marketing is critical to the success of your company, and you must be on top of the latest trends to stand a chance of being heard in your market.


If you don’t personalise your B2C marketing, you may as well shut up shop. There’s no excuse to not address your consumer by name – particularly with the addition of a mailing list – and to tailor your brand message to their needs. You can even buy industry-led data to appeal to your consumers and attempt to increase loyalty. Research even shows that consumers are happy to share data for more personalised experiences, which is where personalised direct mail comes into the fold. We’ve seen a significant increase in the advertising mailers, especially with the GDPR on the horizon and fewer hoops to jump through with direct mail marketing. In fact, reports even state that loyalty program membership increased through hyper-personalised advertising.

Direct mail marketing

We touched on the opportunities for direct mail marketing, but the advantages are almost endless. Rather than fight to be heard in an online world – with email marketing offering fewer response rates – direct mail marketing places your message in the home of your consumer. Essentially, you’ve beaten all competition, with direct mailing estimated to stay in the home for 17 days. Direct mailing is also no longer traditional, but incorporating the likes of QR codes and landing pages to provide an exciting customer experience.

Socially responsible

Today, we are more than aware of the damages to this planet, and consumer loyalty is directly linked to brands deemed socially responsible. The likes of Starbucks has suffered greatly in the past, with Costa only recently announcing their ‘cup cycling revolution’. More consumers are willing to pay extra for brands that are committed to providing positive social and environmental impacts, which can be utilised throughout your consumer loyalty marketing.

Exclusive loyalty programs

We all enjoy exclusive products, and premium loyalty memberships are enjoying their time in the spotlight. If you can offer an additional bonus for existing customers as part of building customer loyalty, do it. In terms of Millennials, more than 75% would consider paying a joining fee for their most used brands. Consumers want the benefits of interacting with a brand and will pay for it, so it may be worthwhile incorporating the trends to your B2C marketing strategies.


Augmented reality and chatbots are tipped as the future of marketing, with the AR industry alone set to boast one billion users in 2020. Many mailing companies are offering the direct mail services to boost your profile, and improve the relationship with consumers. For example, including the likes of a QR code that, when scanned, provides an illustration can significantly increase your B2C marketing. Likewise, AR offers you upwards of 50 seconds to catch your consumer’s attention, as opposed to a couple of seconds with display ads.

So, how do I improve consumer loyalty?

When it comes to improving consumer loyalty, there’s so much you can do we can’t fit it all on one page (but we’ll give it a good go). The key to B2C marketing, however, is transparency. Be upfront, honest and you’ll reap the rewards.

Reward your customers

You should always provide incentives for consumers as part of your advertising mailers. Customers love discounts and surprises, with relevant discount coupons increasing the likelihood of repurchase. However, you can reward your customers without offering vouchers. A simple ‘Thank You’ card can demonstrate your gratitude and, effectively, build on the relationship.

Be reliable

Do not make promises you cannot keep. If your service is not 24 hours, do not say it is. The fine print certainly should not contradict the overall message with your direct mail marketing. Their respect will grow for every demand you meet and, subsequently, so will loyalty.

The human touch

While technology has significantly increased the ability to reach more consumers, the necessity for the human touch has not disappeared. A small signature at the end of your direct mail marketing signifies a real person behind the brand, increasing the likelihood of a response.

Pay attention to the finer details

As a mailing company, we understand the importance of direct mail design and copy. Something as simple as text misaligned or an image out of focus can massively impact the success of your marketing campaign. Proofread and ensure you believe your message before you deliver to prospects.

Ultimately, the power to increase loyalty and produce successful consumer loyalty marketing rests in your hands. However, the above points should go a long way to ensuring you get in front of the right people, at the right time.

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