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Uckfield Community College launches a media campaign for their ‘Belonging Agenda’

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Uckfield Community College,  pupils, teachers and parents are collaborating to create a PR and digital marketing campaign to raise awareness on issues such as racism, misogyny and discrimination. The collaboration will see marketing messages across email, posters and social media but their aim is to enlist local businesses to interact and promote the campaign.

The school has a strong and vibrant community spirit with quality values of integrity, kindness, curiosity, resilience, aspiration and self-regulation which underpin the culture of the school. This culture is built on the fundamental belief that everyone has the potential to succeed and that it is the blend of support, challenge and inspiration that leads to growth and ultimate happiness.

The belief in a culture of the possible, that everyone can make progress beyond what could ever have been even imagined, is fundamental to the school’s belief system, and teachers, parents and pupils alike are keen to convey this message to the public.

Deputy head Sara Marshalsay says,  

“We talk often about the idea of ‘belonging’, which means that we are an ‘anti-prejudice’ organisation and educate our staff and students about prejudicial attitudes, language and actions against any people with the protected characteristics as outlined in the law.  This in turn creates a safe and comfortable school, in which everyone is welcome and if there is an issue, we are rigorous about addressing it and committed to sharing this across our community.”

Media & Film Curriculum Leader Carla Taylor and colleague Chris Beaumont have brought together the year 12 Media students to create, plan and deploy this campaign, to raise awareness of these important inclusion and diversity messages.

Carla Taylor, Head of Media says,

“The campaign is an excellent opportunity for our sixth-form Media students to collaborate in a real media campaign that promotes very important messages for the young people within our community.”

The ‘Belonging agenda campaign’ was further collaborated with by local businessman  Jason Baker,  who also has a daughter studying at the school. The result is a fantastic opportunity for students to share their creative ideas.

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