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Walsall College students shine in Liberon woodworking competition

Students at Walsall College have been put to the test by Liberon as part of a carpentry and joinery competition. The woodcare experts called on first year learners on the college’s Level 2 Bench Joinery course to build and finish a stool for children, using Liberon’s Wax Polish Black Bison Paste.

Students were handed a specific design by their lecturer and asked to complete the project over fifteen teaching hours in total. Two winning students plus a runner-up were selected from the class by Director of Faculty, Neil Sambrook and Curriculum Delivery Manager, Nathan Hartshorne. The project incorporated Yellow Pine for most of the stools with Tulipwood used to create the circular seats. A laser cutter was programmed by the team at the College’s Digital Innovation Hub to sear in the college logo on the seats.

The two winners, Jake Duckhouse and D’niero Osagie and a runner-up won a £25 Amazon voucher provided by Liberon.

Richard Bradley, Marketing Manager at the competition sponsors, Liberon, says: “The students did a great job. I understand they are all aged between sixteen and eighteen and are new to carpentry and joinery. The standards achieved are a real testament to their skills. We’d like to congratulate the winning students and runner-up, and wish all the students on the course the best of luck in their future carpentry and joinery careers.”

The course leader, Paul Underwood, Lecturer in Carpentry and Joinery, added: “All the students should be very proud of what they achieved in this competition. This challenge has showcased and helped to develop their tool-handling skills; their ability to produce both mortice and tenon and bridle joints; their aptitude for setting out and handling a cutting list; and their proficiency in transferring measurements to the timber used. All in all, a great all-round teaching exercise.  I’ve been so impressed with the way the students have applied themselves to this. I’ve always been a strong advocate of Liberon’s Wax Polish Black Bison Paste, which really brings out the beauty of wood, but this competition has highlighted its attributes even more. I’m hoping we can repeat a similar competition with Liberon next year.”

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