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A trio of innovation for New Talent Fashion

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New Talent Fashion (@NTF_UK) – a platform to empower and showcase upcoming fashion talent – has announced its transformation as the company launches two new subscription services and a brand-new site.

Acknowledging the shift in the fashion industry, NTF’s support and offering has only grown further: presenting Student Huban exclusive subscription for its partners and education (sign-up currently open to its community for 1-month only) alongside NTF Exclusivea targeted solution to keep users informed on the ever-changing industry.

The Student Hub – a unique service to help the transition into and throughout the fashion arena – provides the all-important support crucial to boost employability, enhance professional development, and nurture confidence among new talent. 

New Talent Fashion now extends its guidance through ‘1-1 in the hub’enabling students to book sessions with the team; a monthly talent pool, linking students directly to fashion industry HR and a graduate preview, guaranteeing the best possible foot forward into the world of work. 

NTF’s mentorship scheme, Mentor Me, is also offered in the Student Hub, where subscribers can register for an industry-expert personal mentor best fit for them (also available in NTF Exclusive). These join the industry-insider articles, resources, and the international area in the hub itself.

NTF Exclusive – sign-up available to all – forms a strong network of individuals in a digital platform that educates, inspires, and advances its members. Striving to connect fashion professionals, NTF Exclusive is driven by innovation with collaborators sought to provide unique content including exclusive interviews, member events, insightful online courses, discounts, rewards, and a dedicated wellness centre.

Founder and CEO, Siobhan Clare O’Donnell, explains why this move – coinciding with the company’s second birthday – is crucial for the industry at present.

“New Talent Fashion was born out of innovation and the passion for change to an ever-expanding industry. It’s easy to get comfortable, but with comfortability comes no change. No change means we stay within the box we have been put in. I feel this is also a reflection of how fashion talent is being handled – it’s being placed in a box, by an industry that wants to stay comfortable. Here at New Talent Fashion, we are ready to strive for growth, showcase new talent, and push limitations. We don’t value comfortability, we value innovation”.

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