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ADAS-fitted remote control vehicle speed trial is testing the skills of EV technicians at the London EV Show

ADAS-fitted remote control vehicle speed trial is testing the skills of EV technicians at the London EV Show

One of the country’s largest providers of automotive technician apprenticeships is using its presence at the London EV Show not only to showcase its suite of industry-leading Electric and Hybrid Vehicle training courses but to highlight in a fun way the growing importance of training technicians to maintain and repair Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Visitors to the show can compete to achieve the fastest time round Remit Training’s figure of 8 track with a custom built remote control vehicle fitted with ADAS sensors, aptly named Bolt.  Bolt’s sensors must be activated to successfully navigate the bridge that crosses the track.

Most EV cars, light vehicles and trucks have safety-critical ADAS and a suite of sensors continuously streaming information about the surrounding environment to help reduce the number of accidents and injuries to drivers and pedestrians by for example triggering automatic emergency breaking.

However, in common with many other components, ADAS systems require maintenance and monitoring as sensors for instance can drift out of their normal accuracy.  Externally mounted and exposed sensors can also require repair or replacement which can be expensive.

Remit Training, whose learners recently celebrated two gold medals and a bronze medal at the prestigious World Skills event, has responded to the growing range of skills required by technicians.   They’re supporting their network to gain the required expertise in EV and ADAS maintenance and repair by incorporating the necessary training to its technical training provision available at its three, purpose-built automotive academies in England and Scotland.

Remit works closely with its network of manufacturer partners which include Scania, Renault, Volvo, MAN, Nissan, DAF and IVECO, to ensure that the training is continuously relevant and industry leading and accommodating the rapidly developing technologies in the market.

Earlier this year, Remit warned the government that the relevant apprenticeship standards for technicians had failed to keep pace with the huge take-off in EV sales.  The training provider is liaising closely with IMI by ‘bolting on’ the latter’s EV qualifications to the training received by Remit’s apprentices as well as making commercial training available to manufacturers and dealerships.

Remit Training CEO Sue Pittock said,

“The industry is concerned about the cost of EV and ADAS maintenance and repair, and a continued shortage of appropriately qualified technicians will only drive up costs still further unless training capacity is significantly expanded before the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles comes into effect.

“Remit is pleased to be at the London EV Show to discuss these challenges with partners and potential new partners and we hope at the same time that visitors enjoy some fun by racing a remote control ADAS-fitted vehicle around our track.”

Day One of the show yesterday created quite a buzz with Bolt and the Remit raceway track catching the eyes of many, including British journalist Jon Bentley, best known for presenting Channel 5’s The Gadget Show.  The London EV Show takes place at ExCeL London on 29 November – 01 December 2022. For information, visit: London EV Show | 29 Nov – 01 Dec 2022.

Remit Training can be found at exhibition stand E120

Information about Remit Training’s apprenticeship and commercial training offer for light, heavy and electric and hybrid vehicles, is available at: Automotive Apprenticeships – Remit Training.

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