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Ahead of Cop26 Eastleigh College Launches New Course in Environmental Sustainability

Ahead of Cop26 Eastleigh College Launches New Course in Environmental Sustainability

Ahead of @Cop26 Eastleigh College (@Eastleigh_Col) Launches New Course in Environmental Sustainability

Eastleigh College has launched the Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Environmental Sustainability at a time when climate change tops the global agenda as world leaders gather for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow this month.

The brand-new certificate, delivered through Eastleigh College Online is aimed at adult learners and businesses. Training will provide an overview of the principles of sustainable development, communities and energy management, and the social responsibility of businesses in relation to sustainability. Subject to eligibility the course will be fully funded to all those who wish to commit to online study whilst also benefitting from the guidance and support from one of the College’s Online Trainers.

In collaboration with the National Trust’s Plant a Tree programme, and as a gesture of goodwill, the College is pledging to plant a tree for every learner who passes their qualification. The ambition is for the College to plant at least one hectare of woodland as a result of learners passing the new course, that’s a donation of £5,000 from Eastleigh College.

Leigh-Sara Timberlake, Group CEO, Business South said, “Business South has committed to achieve net zero by 2050 and we are encouraging all businesses to work towards this goal. However, without the skills we will all struggle so the launch of Eastleigh College’s Environmental Sustainability course is extremely timely. The course will provide the knowledge that employers, and our current, and future workforce will require to work towards a more sustainable future.

Jo Landon, Head of Adult and Online said, “This exciting new course also takes learners through the principles of waste management, sustainable transport, and applying sustainability in their own setting through zero waste. On completion of the course participants will be able to become sustainability champions within their own organisations, this will be such a fantastic opportunity for so many individuals and businesses.”

Paul Cox, Chief Executive is pleased to be including more sustainability courses in the College’s portfolio, “All eyes are on Glasgow as we look to our world leaders to tackle the serious problems of climate change, and encourage us all to take climate action. We’ve listened to our employer partners and business groups who have asked for this training to help them grow the skills within their business to accelerate their net zero plans.”

Nicky Tramaseur, Head of Brand, Engagement and Learner Recruitment said, “At Eastleigh we are not only continuously working to improve our own environmental credentials, with courses like this we are helping individuals and organisations do the same. This qualification will provide a strong starting point for many, and we see this as the first in a pathway of qualifications and training that we will offer. We look forward to welcoming all recruits on to the course and being able to reach our tree planting target.”

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