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‏Apollo Motor Group and Remit Group at the forefront in driving forward both apprenticeships and gender equality in the UK motor industry ‏

Jordan Goggin, vehicle paint apprentice at Apollo.

Apollo Motor Group was started in 1985 by Graham Eyles and it has since grown to become the 3rd largest independent accident repair group in the UK.‏

‏The company now employs more than 350 staff across 15 sites and it continues to place its employees at the heart of the business. Every employee is valued and cared for and this ethos has been the driving force behind Apollo’s success by continuously investing and supporting the development of its people.‏

Apollo recognises the value and importance of bringing young people into the motor industry and sees apprenticeships as a vital ingredient for future growth and development. This has led to the establishment of the Apollo Academy through which Apollo is working proactively to attract young people into the industry, during their last three years at school. These young people will become the apprentices and future talent at Apollo.‏

‏Apollo works in partnership with Remit Group, which is one of the largest national training providers in the UK. The company began working with Remit Group in 2013 and Apollo is now one of Remit Group’s most valued customers.‏

‏Apollo currently has 20 apprentices in training with Remit Group and is looking to recruit a further 15 this year, to fill positions across all sites. ‏

‏Jordan Goggin, a 20 year old female vehicle paint apprentice who works at Apollo Basingstoke, is currently in her first year of her Level 2 apprenticeship programme supported by Remit Group, and is following a residential block release programme. Jordan travels up to Remit’s Automotive Academy in Derby for four one-week blocks for level 2 and will continue a further four blocks for level 3. ‏

‏Jordan has always been passionate about cars, particularly the appearance of them. She said:

“Growing up I used to love watching custom car TV programmes like Pimp my Ride and more recently West Coast Customs. I would see the amazing transformations they would make to the vehicles and would really want to learn how to do it myself!‏

‏“When I first left school I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do and didn’t really know how to get in to doing my dream job of customising cars, and to be honest, I didn’t really think that was an option.”‏

‏Jordan attended her local college to study Public Services but it wasn’t long before she realised this wasn’t for her.‏

‏“I just kept thinking about my dream job and how I really wanted to get into working on cars,” she added. “I started searching the Internet and discovered that Apollo’s site in Basingstoke was advertising for apprentices. I got in touch with them and was offered an interview. I was so excited when I was called to say they’d like to offer me the job.‏

‏“I couldn’t believe I would be starting on my journey towards my dream of customising cars. An apprenticeship learning about how to paint vehicles seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to reach my goals and the fact that I would be working and earning money at the same time has learning made it even more exciting.‏

‏“I absolutely love my job and did from day one. Although I am the only female in the workshop, I don’t feel different or left out in any way. I get on really well with everyone and we have a real laugh.”‏

‏Gary Bryant, Jordan’s mentor at work, said:

“This is the first time in 40 years of my workshop career that I have worked with a female technician which is quite incredible to be honest. ‏

‏“Jordan is another fantastic addition to our team and it’s great to have a female painter on board. She is really excelling in her work and I can see her having a brilliant career ahead of her.”‏

‏Jordan has already attended her first two training blocks at Remit’s Automotive Academy in Derby and is enjoying the course she is doing. ‏

‏She concluded: “My training at the academy and in the workshop at work is brilliant. I am learning new skills every day and I love that each day is different. I could never sit in an office job all day as I would get bored very quickly. This type of apprenticeship is ideal for me as it’s all hands-on jobs and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”‏

‏Paul Woodward, Body and Paint Technical Trainer at the Remit Automotive Academy, said:

“It’s great to see more female apprentices coming through our doors. Jordan is a real hard worker and is keen to learn. She has done really well so far in her first two blocks of training and has integrated well with her group.”‏

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