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Apprenticeship Pay Survey to determine whether employers are adhering to rules on fair pay

It provides important information on training, hours and pay from current apprentices. The findings enable us to look at wage levels nationally, measure changes with previous years and monitor whether employers are adhering to the rules on fair pay. The research will help set pay policy and to make improvements in apprenticeship training.

IFF Research, an independent research organisation, will undertake the research on our behalf.

The selected apprentices will receive a letter explaining the purpose of the research and who to contact if they have further questions. They are then interviewed by phone. Around 10,000 apprentices will take part in the phone interview which includes questions on:

  • the number of hours they spend working for their employer in a typical week
  • the number of additional hours they spend learning and training on top of their normal work. This could include attending college, courses, workshops or training sessions at their employer’s premises or held externally, learning at home, learning from workbooks, time with their assessor and time filling in a portfolio
  • how much they earn – ideally the amount in gross terms before tax, national insurance and other deductions

Some participants will also be asked additional questions regarding:

  • their motivations for doing an apprenticeship
  • the nature of the training they have undertaken
  • satisfaction with the training they have received
  • the impact that doing an apprenticeship has had on their careers and their future plans

The survey findings will not identify individuals, and the research will not be used to target specific apprentices or employers for enforcement activity.

Participation in the survey is not mandatory, but we would be grateful if as many apprentices as possible agree to take part in this important research.

Apprenticeship Pay Survey 2016

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