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Audencia launches a new programme in finance and data management

@Audencia launches a new international programme this summer, the Master of Science ‘Data Management for Finance’ which is aimed at students who wish to start a a finance career in the era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Applications are now open:

With robotics and automation revolutionising processes and organisations, and data management driving growth and performance, the finance sector needs talented actors with new and hybrid skills. To meet this need, Audencia has created a new programme in Nantes which includes the possibility of spending a term in China. The Master of Science (MSc) ‘Data Management for Finance’ is certified by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

A programme open to those with 3 or 4-year degrees

The programme is available in two formats, depending on the students’ entry levels.

For candidates who have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or management, the programme runs from October to December of the following year. After their first term, students can choose to specialise in either market finance or corporate finance. In their third term, they must also complete a four to six months-long internship and write their master’s dissertation.

Students with a three-year degree can also join via the Extended MSc programme route. They will start their training in July with three distance learning courses over the summer and then six courses on the campus from September, to deepen their knowledge in management, finance and IT, as well as soft skills and strategic skills. They will then join the other students (with a four-year bachelor’s degree), and within 18 months they will have completed the programme and hold a five-year bachelor’s degree. 

One of the advantages of the Extended MSc format is the summer distance-learning courses, which enables students to combine a summer job or an internship with their learning, before joining Audencia’s Nantes Atlantic Campus in September.

Training for a new profession

The programme is open to French and international students who want to develop the skills required to become a CFO 4.0. They will be taught finance, data management, information technology, strategy and leadership. The goal is to have graduates acquire a solid knowledge of finance and data science, so that they can play a central role and become strategic leaders in their future careers.

This programme opens the doors to many career opportunities in a variety of organisations ranging from start-ups, investment firms, consulting and auditing firms, banks, as well as insurance and technology companies.

A programme with an international dimension  

The programme is entirely taught in English. French students and international students all study in a multicultural environment alongside each other. The Audencia MSc currently brings together students from 30 different countries.

During the second term, there is a choice of two specialisations: Market Finance (in Shenzhen) or Corporate Finance (in Nantes). So, depending on their specialisation, students can choose to study in China, with courses at Shenzhen Audencia Business School, one of Audencia’s campuses in China.

This is a unique opportunity to study in Shenzhen, the 5th largest financial centre in the world, which plays a central role at the heart of the Greater Bay Area and is often referred to as China’s Silicon Valley.

Depending on the COVID-19 situation, the courses may be taught in a hybrid format, allowing for face-to-face or remote access.

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