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Barnsley College launches new course guides

Barnsley College and Barnsley Sixth Form College course guides are available to download now.

Barnsley College and Barnsley Sixth Form College (@barnsleycollege) has launched its brand new 2022/23 course guides, offering a wide range of courses for those who wish to carve out a career. Students can enjoy all the benefits of the College’s state-of-the-art buildings and fantastic facilities with courses for everyone.

For the second year running, Barnsley College and Barnsley Sixth Form College are joining forces with young people’s charity, Chilypep, to make a brighter future for our community by creating a colouring in page in the course guides to raise awareness of both Mental Health and Mindfulness.

One in four people experience a mental health issue each year and 75% of mental illness starts before the age of 24*. Whilst there is growing awareness of the importance of wellbeing and the majority of young people are happy with their lives, there will be times when life is not so easy.

Chilypep’s purpose is to promote the rights, wellbeing and opportunities of all young people across South Yorkshire. The charity works with young people to campaign around issues that affect them; and works with organisations, schools, community services and local authorities to ensure that young people’s rights are protected and that their best interests are served.

Emma Manser, Participation Project Worker at Chilypep, said:

“Chilypep have been working with students at Barnsley College over the last five years, it is wonderful to be able to support the College and students in looking after and raising awareness around Mental Health.

“Barnsley College has a fantastic provision for students Health and Wellbeing and we are proud to be a part of that. We know how challenging the last 18 months have been in particular for young people, we are keen to support young people in a successful transition back into face-to-face education and the challenges that readjusting can bring. Look out for Chilypep events and sessions around College and a chance to support other students through our Mental Health Ambassadors and Mentor programme, or come and see us at our new Wellbeing Hub Space H.O.M.E in Barnsley Town Centre!”

Yiannis Koursis, Principal and Chief Executive at Barnsley College, added:

“We believe that good health and wellbeing is essential for anyone to achieve their goals. We have a dedicated and award-winning team of people who make sure that students are supported to lead healthy and happy lives.

“Mindfulness colouring is becoming an increasingly popular way to switch off the mind and focus on a simple creative task. We have taken a small step by creating a colouring in page in the course guides to raise awareness of both Mental Health and Mindfulness. Making you happy and inspiring you to be the best you can be is our top priority.”


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