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#BlackHistory Month 2020: Former West London College Student Opens His Own Restaurant

Rushaine Vincent,

A former @westlondoncol Hospitality and Catering student has opened his own restaurant, Kingston 20, in Shepherd’s Bush. Although the restaurant officially launched in February shortly before the national Lockdown, it continues to thrive despite Covid-19.

The former student, Rushaine Vincent, studied Culinary Skills Level 1 and Professional Cookery Level 2 at West London College from 2014 – 2017.  He reserves nothing but praise for his teachers and the quality of his courses, as he says he learned invaluable skills in technique, time and kitchen management, as well as gaining the confidence to build his dream of running his own restaurant.

Rushaine says: “I ran my own restaurant business in Jamaica, but when I came to this country the courses really brought out more of me, cooking the way I like, from simple things like cutting veg, to giving me a broader understanding. Many thanks to West London College it lifted up my potential, so I could start walking to success.”

As the restaurant’s name suggests, Rushaine prides himself on having created a truly authentic tiny bit of Jamaica in West London, and he says:

“This is a true Jamaican standard, which is love for everyone that comes in and everyone that comes in is treated with five-star Jamaican treatment –  for everyone. It’s equal for everyone.”

Rushaine worked with an interior designer to ensure that Kingston 20’s charming decor is just like that of a similar cafe/restaurant in Jamaica. Stripes of pale blues, white and lime green abound, with a mix of stunning paintings reminiscent of Jamaica past and present, as well as a huge mural of a beachside view. On two floors, the ground floor is light and airy with crisp white linen tablecloths and serviettes for those who want to eat in. In the basement is a bijou bar with a dreamy magical feel. Diners can also eat outside at tables cafe-style, and Rushaine offers a highly popular takeaway menu.

Rushaine describes regular visits to the market to ensure he has the freshest most delicious produce ready to serve for the Kingston 20 Caribbean menu. Rushaine is proud of the dishes that have been handed down to him from his grandmother, who was also a chef, which include sweet potato pudding, oxtail, and rice and peas. 

Rushaine describes his signature dishes as pepper steak, lobster platter, and oxtail brown chicken stew.

Head of School for Hospitality and Catering, Denise Charles, said:

“I felt like jumping for joy when Rushaine let me know about the restaurant and how well it’s doing. Thanks to his determination to achieve his vision, combined with the knowledge and practice he gained at West London College, he has become a role model for our catering and hospitality students.” 

As well as being the successful restaurant owner of Kingston 20, Rushaine is also a chef manager working with NHS Health Care across West London. 

Watch the full interview with Rushaine, here:

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