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BrightGen is delighted to be one of first to offer new university admissions solution in UK

@Salesforce has chosen @BrightGen as an Early Partner to implement the newest member of the Education Cloud family – Admissions Connect. The solution, launched this month, helps universities simplify their admissions process and makes it easier to assess prospective students outside of academic attainment alone. 

The UK government has committed to raise the UK’s total investment in R&D to 2.4% of GDP by 2027, the biggest increase on record. Along with the newly-established Office for Talent, the UK’s ambition is to become the top destination for international talent.

As an Early Partner for Salesforce’s Admissions Connect offering, BrightGen bridges the gap for those universities looking to widen the net for recruitment and admissions, from home and abroad. 

Admissions Connect is the key to international talent

There is growing demand for international students among universities. Benefiting from higher student fees is of course one advantage. But more importantly, when the best international students from around the world access a UK university, it is also a boost for the university’s reputation. chose BrightGen as an Early Partner for Admissions Connect, because of its experience and knowledge of recruitment and admissions.  Mark Tonkin, Higher Education Lead at BrightGen, “is excited to start implementing Admissions Connect for some of our early adopter university customers.”

Admissions Connect has already seen success in the USA, where universities are taking more interesting routes to broaden their talent pool outside of looking at grades alone for gaining new students. 

Widening participation with the right technology

Admissions Connect is especially beneficial for universities looking to widen participation among a broader variety of backgrounds and abilities. BrightGen sees Admissions Connect helping university admissions staff simplify their admissions processes, making it easier to assess less advantaged or disabled candidates.

Mark Tonkin: “Using Admissions Connect to simplify engagement with students via chatbots and dynamic checklists, we will see more candidates stick with the admissions process through to enrollment. We predict savings of millions of pounds for each university using the tool.”

BrightGen is in discussions with early adopter universities now to start rolling out this new tool from Salesforce this year.

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