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Safaraz Ali, Managing Director of The Pathway Group and founder of the Asian Apprenticeship Awards

A NEW book is tackling the problem of information overload when it comes to making business decisions.

With so much information available on-line and from other sources sorting out what really can make a difference getting it in an easily accessible format can make all the difference.

With this in mind Safaraz Ali, a leader in apprentice and vocational training, has put years of experience helping small businesses down on paper.

The managing director of The Pathway Group and founder of the Asian Apprenticeship Awards, has published ‘Canny Bites 52 bites of business wisdom for leaders and entrepreneurs.

So much knowledge and information is available but it can be very bewildering for businesspeople with busy lives and this is where I am trying to help by providing some nuggets in bite sized chunks,” said Safaraz Ali.

‘Canny Bites’ is aimed at small and medium sized businesses and at people thinking of setting up in business.

“We need to growth and the best way to grow is to learn from others. Never stop going forward ever,” said Safaraz Ali.

The book draws upon Safaraz’s own experience in business and also includes the thoughts and wisdom from leaders from the worlds of politics, sport, medicine and science.

“My idea was to write something that businesspeople can use as a guide by dipping in and out as well as picking out the sections where they need particular help,” added Safaraz Ali.

“There is so much knowledge and experience to draw upon and we can learn so much from other people. However, many entrepreneurs simply do not have the time to read long books and I believe there is a need for advice in bite sizes that are memorable and easy to digest.

“Everyone will not agree with everything in the book but that does not matter because the important thing is to get people thinking and developing their own ideas guided by the experience of others.”

Canny Bites is divided into eight sections covering:

  1. Networking;
  2. Goal Setting;
  3. Better Business;
  4. Decision Making;
  5. Leadership;
  6. Team Building;
  7. Growth;
  8. Innovation and Technology.

About Safaraz Ali: Originally working in the financial services sector, Safaraz has been involved in the world of business of one type or another since 1999. He is currently the Head of Pathway Group, a workforce development solutions provider specialising in apprenticeship levy management and training.

Safaraz created Pathway2Grow with a vision to conduct business networking differently. It is a vibrant network with ambitions to grow and serve business communities nationally and presently operates in 5 different meet up formats.

Through his business TCI Pathway Ltd, Safaraz offers independent strategic advice and investment for private businesses specialising in social care, and the education and training sectors. It offers support and guidance in developing growth strategies, executing them, raising funds for chosen growth strategies, and managing growth.

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