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Exeter College Hosts #STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Fair

Exeter College recently hosted a careers fair to give learners the chance to find out more about careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

More than 50 organisations took part in the STEM Careers Fair which took place in Exeter College’s multi-million pound Maths and Science Centre.

Learners had the chance to attend a wide range of workshops and talks as part of the event. There was also the opportunity to visit a STEM Careers Exchange, an exhibition offering further information, advice and guidance in terms of progression routes to higher education and employment

The delivery of the STEM Careers Fair took place in collaboration with employers, STEM ambassadors and stakeholder partners.

This meant Exeter College learners had the chance to benefit from enriched and enhanced learning experiences, including impartial careers information, advice and guidance.

Organisations who took part in the fair included STEM Learning, South West STEM Ambassadors Hub, Institute of Physics, Grow Exeter, Exeter City Council, the University of Exeter, Plymouth and Gloucester universities, the University of the West of England, IMECHE, Royal Navy, Royal Airforce, Exmoor Zoo, PLANIT ECO, Amazing Apprenticeships, The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (RD&E).

Learner Feedback

  • The radiography workshop was ‘fantastic’
  • ‘The workshops were interesting and I can’t think of any improvements’
  • ‘I found all three workshops I attended interesting and felt that each one gave a good amount of information on how working in each area could be a good career choice and how to achieve that.’
  • ‘I found the event really helpful, providing insight into future careers that I was unaware of. The Crest Workshop was inspirational!’
  • ‘Excellent workshops and information.’
  • ‘Phil from PLAN IT ECO was amazing. Really, really informative and also super inspiring. Something I will never forget! Bring him back!’

Employer Feedback

‘Staff and students were amazing, really helpful.’

‘The students were really engaged and it was great to get them to think about Geography and future areas of study’

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