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Colleges Scotland launches General Election Manifesto

Shona Struthers

The next UK Government is being urged to support Scotland’s colleges in a manifesto briefing released today.

Colleges Scotland has outlined five areas under Westminster control where policy changes could positively impact students and communities.

Further and higher education is largely devolved to Scotland, however with UK funds such as Levelling Up available to every region there are opportunities for colleges to benefit.

Other policies on access to college for international students, tackling poverty, green skills, and reform of the Apprenticeship Levy, are also areas where change would bring benefits to Scotland’s 24 colleges.

Shona Struthers, CEO of Colleges Scotland said:

“Colleges are the powerhouses of Scotland’s economy and much of this General Election will be focussed on growth and productivity which colleges are very much a part of. In launching our asks today I would urge all the political parties to consider how they support education and training provision in their own policies, and support the wider and deeper discussion on the skills Scotland and the UK needs now and in the future.

“The manifesto asks would, if implemented, make a big difference to the conditions colleges operate under. For example, there is a desperate need for investment in infrastructure and estates. Although some colleges are seeing the benefits of the current Levelling Up programme funding is needed for lots of organisations right across the country.”

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