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Dance Showcase 2016 – Curtain Call

Within moments of opening, it became very apparent that Curtain Call  wasn’t just an average college performance. Perfromed by the Students from Havering College at the Queens Theatre in Hornchurchs, this was a show with all the hallmarks of a West End production, worthy of being performed on stage in any London theatre.

The eclectic mix of dance, including Burlesque extravaganza, elegant Ballet, expressive Flamenco, street style Hip-Hop and more, combined with live vocal performances kept the audience totally engaged and wanting more.

The choreography was seamless and interpretative with detailed, energetic movements throughout. It blended perfectly with the variety of music and as a result, brought the auditorium to life. Although the cast was predominantly female, the blend of male dancers was perfect, giving an extra sparkle to each performance.

The humorous vocal banter between two strong singers, Lauren Ghost and Molly Taylorson proved to a real crowd pleaser, with both vocalists vying to get the limelight. During the ‘fight’ sequence they used the power of their voices and a repertoire of top musical songs to outdo each other. This was possibly the highlight of the production

The students should be deservedly proud of their achievement, giving their audience far more than was anticipated. They proved to be a diverse and exciting new generation of performers who are set to make their mark on the theatrical world.

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