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Connected Classroom and 1:1 Learning for Harrogate Grammar School

Based in North Yorkshire, Harrogate Grammar School (@HarrogateGS) is a non-selective school of 2,000 pupils that is part of the Red Kite Learning Trust, a group of 13 schools on a mission to offer students the best learning experience possible, and is one of only six pilot ‘Teaching School Hubs’  announced by the government at the beginning of the year. 

The three-year pilot will involve the Red Kite Alliance taking a lead role in school-led improvement activities across four North Yorkshire districts: Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate and Richmondshire.

Harrogate Grammar School’s mission to provide a connected and technology-focused learning environment has been realised through the adoption of ExtremeCloud IQ. It delivers 1:1 learning for students without networking limitations and has optimised staff productivity.

“Providing a 1:1 learning environment, inclusive to all, that helps maximise student potential is integral to what we do. We need a constant and reliable network connection to provide continuous access to education resources,” explains Iain Hails, Network Services Manager, Harrogate Grammar School.

To help Harrogate Grammar School realise their connected classroom aspirations, NETprotocol and Extreme Networks joined forces to deploy ExtremeWireless high-density Wi-Fi 6 access points and ExtremeCloud IQ, an advanced cloud management platform, and offer an end-to-end network management and operations solution.

In addition to implementing ExtremeCloud IQ, access points were added into classrooms to offer reliable connectivity for the 30+ devices in each room and to enhance coverage and minimise cross-channel interference with other rooms. The scalability, security and simplicity offered by this solution has further helped futureproof the school’s infrastructure to power a new connected and interactive learning experience for students and staff today, meeting the educational technology needs of tomorrow.

“Harrogate Grammar School is an educational institution striving to provide the best teaching experience possible for its students. By placing the emphasis on technology to better connect and educate, they are advancing their teaching initiatives and placing student experience first. To achieve this 1:1 learning, in partnership with NETprotocol, we have built a robust, reliable, and resilient networking infrastructure to effortlessly meet the needs of staff, students and its visitors,” adds Dahwood Ahmed, Senior Country Manager UK&I, Extreme Networks.

“We are proud to support the Red Kite Learning Trust in implementing this same advanced solution across its other schools. The flexibility that our cloud-based approach provides will ensure that the students of today can enjoy the learning experience of tomorrow.”

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