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Elior UK refreshes ‘You & Life’ to help people lead healthier, happier lives

Leading contract caterer Elior UK has refreshed You & Life – the programme which brings all its health, nutrition, and wellbeing activity together. The new programme has been updated to reflect the latest government guidance and has been strengthened with a raft of tactical measures to improve health and wellbeing.

Dr. William Cook, head of nutrition & dietetics, Elior UK, said: “People are more interested in ‘wellness’ than ever. But at the same time, we’re constantly bombarded with conflicting advice. At Elior, we think it’s our responsibility to help people achieve the right balance for them.

“Rising health problems linked to poor diets is an area where we can make a real, positive difference. That’s why we’ve refreshed You & Life with the latest government guidance, a more modern look and feel, and given it the teeth it needs to help people lead healthier, happier lives.”

The new programme will promote health and wellbeing in three key ways. Firstly, by educating customers, clients, and employees via the dedicated You & Life website, at healthy eating events, and with clear customer facing information – making it easier to recognise healthier choices.

The programme also includes ‘health by stealth’ recipe tweaks (e.g. using lower-salt, rindless grilled bacon in the all-day breakfast sandwich) as well as smart operational strategies like ‘Remove, Reduce, Replace’ (i.e. removing sugar sachets from tables, reducing the amount of sugar in recipes, and replacing high sugar items with healthier snacks).

As a result, Elior’s cakes, biscuits, and puddings already meet the 2020 category reduction targets Public Health England have set on sugar reduction.

And to make the healthy choice the easy choice, Elior has launched an exciting new concept to sit inside the new You & Life programme – Elements. The award-winning range puts a strong focus on fresh, natural food (the elements for a super life) and has been hugely popular – forcing an average sales uplift of 8%.

To see some of the deliciously irresistible dishes in the Elements range, click here.

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