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EPAO Approved to Assess Marketing Apprenticeships

An apprentice assessment organisation has successfully been placed on the government’s Register of End Point Assessment Organisations (#EPAO) to assess marketing apprenticeships.

1st for EPA now offers end point assessment for the following standards:

1st for EPA is only the second company to be added to the register for these standards, opening the market to competition and giving employers and providers a choice of EPAO.

The EPAO, which launched its apprentice assessment service in early 2020, offers a supportive approach to assessment, providing full guidance to training providers and apprentices. Combined with remote assessment and a team of highly experienced professional assessors, the EPAO is quickly paving the way for a new style of assessment.

Managing Director Helen Shinner said, “Our collaborative approach to end point assessment has received fantastic feedback from many training providers and apprentices. The level of support we give makes a huge difference, with apprentices feeling fully prepared for their assessment. I’m glad we can now assess all the marketing apprenticeship standards and bring our EPA service to a whole new group of apprentices.”

With the government backing apprenticeship initiatives, including financial incentives and funding for SMEs, a quality end point assessment service is more essential than ever. Apprenticeships can be used for new or existing staff, and have no age limit. The drive behind apprenticeships helps employers create a workforce fit for the future and could be the key to recovery post-Covid.

1st for EPA has an experienced team and comprehensive guidance tools to help apprentices prepare for end point assessment (EPA). The company is now accepting registrations for Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive, Marketing Assistant, Digital Marketer, HR Support, HR Consultant and Business Administrator.

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