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ESFA weekly round-up – Issue 357

ESFA 16 to 19 e-bulletin - Issue 172

Education & Skills Funding Agency’s weekly round-up of business-critical information to ESFA-funded colleges, other training organisations and direct grant employers. (17 May 2017)

  1. Responding to employer requests for levy-funded apprenticeship training

You can now respond to employer apprenticeship training requests and update apprentice details in the Skills Funding Service (SFS). You can find out more in the guide to SFS user roles.

To access the service, you need to set up as an ‘Apprenticeships Editor’ in our Information Management Services.

This will allow you to work with your employer online to add and approve apprentices’ data on the apprenticeship service.

  1. Register of Apprentice Training Providers (RoATP) updated

Providers that applied during the second procurement round to be included on the Register of Apprentice Training Providers (RoATP) have been notified of the outcome of their application today.

We will update the register shortly to reflect this.

  1. Advanced Learner Loans 2017 to 2018: changes to subcontracting

The decision to remove subcontracting from the Advanced Learners Loans programme from 1st August 2017 was announced on 22nd February 2016, to enable providers sufficient time to bring the delivery in house or, if necessary to cease such delivery.

Further to our previously published advanced learner loans funding rules 2017 to 2018, this is a reminder that, as referenced in paragraph 20, you must deliver your loan provision to loans learners directly.

  1. Advanced Learner Loans: launch of 2017 to 2018 application service

A reminder that the 2017 to 2018 application service will be available from 15 May 2017 for learners who wish to start eligible qualifications from 1 August 2017 funded with a loan.

You must issue a learning and funding information letter to these learners, including for offenders in custody, who are considering funding their qualification with a loan.

  1. Learning Aim Reference Service 2017 to 2018: update to table and field definitions

We have published the table and field definitions for the learning aim reference service for the 2017 to 2018 funding year. The document is available through the learning aim search page on the hub.

This document is for software suppliers and colleges and training organisations that write their own software. It provides the complete set of tables and fields that will be available in the downloadable database for the 2017 to 2018 funding year.

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