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First Sysco Apprentice of the Year named

Kaitlyn Brown and Adactus housing group have been named as Sysco Business Skills Academy’s Apprentice and Employer of the Year for 2018.

The awards, in their inaugural year, have sought to encourage employers to acknowledge and celebrate their apprentice’s exceptional contribution to the workplace. In addition, Sysco has recognised the employers we work with by awarding an Employer of the Year Award that commends the efforts of businesses that have grown their talent with apprenticeships.

When receiving nominations, Kaitlyn’s stood out immediately due to the extra commitments she has undertaken in order to succeed in her role.

Kaitlyn has been working at Kindfullness Coffee club for just over a year offering support to local individuals who are dealing with bereavement, mental health issues or struggling to make ends meet.

The nomination highlighted the impact Kaitlyn has had has been exceptional during the time she has been with the club.

Due to her role being so specialist, her training was extended to include Safeguarding and Suicide prevention so that she can provide the right support to individuals who require it.

When discussing her nomination with us, Kaitlyn stated that “[m]y Apprenticeship has turned out to be so much more than a Customer Service certificate” and we really couldn’t agree more.

Being able to engage in the Apprenticeship programme has been crucial to small and charity-based businesses as they can access fully funded training and provide training opportunities to local people who want to put something back into communities such as Bootle. 

Kaitlyn has renewed Kindfullness’s faith in the Apprenticeship Scheme and it has been rewarding and refreshing for them to see Kaitlyn grow in confidence.

Adactus, who have recently merged with New Charter Housing Group to form a new organisation called Jigsaw, have been recognised due to several nominations from their apprentices that highlighted how they engage in the apprenticeship programme.

Adactus clearly value their apprentices highly and are willing to take the time to mould them into the motivated and skilled staff they need to ensure they can fill the any gaps they have.

Nominations stated that Adactus’ ability to recognise the needs and support their apprentices require sets them apart from other organisations.

Apprentices are made to feel comfortable and relaxed and are seen as another valued worker. The support provided to help progress Apprentice’s careers was something that was mentioned again and again. 

Overall, we were very impressed with the standard of nominations we received for both categories and are delighted to be able such worthy winners.

Apprentice of the Year 2019 will be announced during next year’s National Apprenticeship Week.

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