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.@HarlanCoben and Former student’s new TV show #SAFE is a hit

Screenwriter Danny Brocklehurst is former Tameside College student

Danny Brocklehurst, a former Tameside College student and screenwriter for Netflix and the BBC, has seen his latest series take off.

Safe, which was written by Danny and novelist Harlan Coben as a Netflix original, revolves around a gated community in the UK and the abduction of a family’s teenage daughter.

It has become the latest in a long line of series written by Danny, including The Driver and Shameless, which have seen huge success and a BAFTA award in 2002.

Danny studied A-levels at Tameside College, which was where he gained an insight into the TV industry, going onto become a journalist for the Guardian and then screenwriter.

Jackie Moores, principal of Tameside College, said:

“Danny has progressed amazingly over the years with his career and it shows that if you have the motivation and skills you can do anything. Upon seeing the work that he has produced, I hope that our students are inspired to do just as well once they leave the college.”

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