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Free ‘Climate Crisis’ educational game launched for schools, colleges and home-schooling


Free computer game launched to educate on carbon change-  ‘Climate Crisis – The Game’ from Zenergi aims to educate and engage the energy users of the future

A new, free educational computer game is tipped to bring to life the impact of climate change to thousands of children around the UK.

Called ‘Climate Crisis’, the browser-based game is available now (March 2021) to schools, colleges and parents all over the country to access for free.

In the game, players help a virtual community to become part of the green revolution. Players can make improvements to the community that reduce its climate impact and increase the happiness levels of its residents before 2050, when time runs out and the game ends.

The game, which was developed by Koko Digital, works by engaging the young audience to answer environmental awareness quiz questions. The more players demonstrate their knowledge, the more virtual coins they earn, as they climb the ‘Climate Crisis’ leader board.

To reach a wide audience, the free game can be played by all ages, with parents and teachers able to collaborate and support younger players and older children able to play independently at home or at school.

Zenergi, one of the UK’s leading energy and environmental consultancies, has a mission to make a positive difference in the world of energy.

The organisation works closely with the education sector and has launched the game, which is exclusive to Zenergi, in response to the growing interest among children and young adults on the topic of climate change.

Zenergi’s Chief Executive Officer, Graham Cooke, said:

“We work with our customers to practically reduce their carbon emissions in support of their journey to carbon zero, but it’s today’s children – the energy users of tomorrow – that not only understand the crisis we’re in, but really want to affect change. We hope that many children will enjoy playing our game whilst learning along the way.”

The game was first revealed at a special screening at leading education body, the Institute of School Business Leaders’ (ISBL), virtual National Conference at the end of last year.

ISBL’s Operations Director, Bethan Cullen, said:

“Children are really passionate about the critical issue of climate change. We’re pleased to see our partner, Zenergi, embracing new media to engage children in the classroom and raise awareness of the urgent need to take action. Climate Crisis will be a useful resource to support teachers with various aspects of the curriculum.”  

In Climate Crisis players can learn what really makes a difference to the environment we live in so they can understand the steps needed to reduce their own carbon footprint.

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