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Go digital this Easter at College Code Club

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Are you looking for an engaging yet transferable activity for the youngster in your family during the Easter break?  Borders College is excited to announce a brand new ‘Code Club’, running from 3-6 April, for young people aged 12-14 years.

The course, requiring no previous programming skills, will provide the perfect introduction to computing, allowing attendees to build a virtual robot as well as learning to build, code and play using a Raspberry Pi 3.

Programme Leader Greg Steele says:
“Today’s world revolves around the use of digital technologies and requires people with a mix of computing, technical and creative skills. All the websites and apps we use on a daily basis have to be designed to be easy for us to interact with computers. This is where creative and design skills are important. In order to build these resources we need to be able to tell the computers what to do, to speak their language, using code.

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“The Raspberry Pi is a fully functional PC the size of a credit card. We use a simple code or programming language to instruct the computer to carry out tasks. This is the starting point to all software development. Using code we become the designers and creators of the digital future, rather than just users. Coding skills form the basis of all content on the web, all computer games and all applications that run our digital world.”

Full details on the course, including times and cost, can be found on our website.

Enquiries or bookings can be made via Karen McDonald by email or by telephoning 01896 662610.

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