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#GreenGB Week: Simple steps to reduce emissions

Find out how you or your business could reduce emissions and help to tackle climate change.

As part of Green Great Britain Week, you, your friends and family, and your business can reduce emissions, save costs, and could help tackle climate change.

Below are 10 actions that households and businesses can take to tackle climate change, reduce emissions and save money.

Advice for individuals and households

  1. Prepare your home for winter: the government-endorsed Simple Energy Advice service has personalised advice on how to make your home warmer.

  2. Upgrade your heating controls: Energy Saving Trust has guidance on thermostats and controls. Simple Energy Advice has personalised advice on how to make your home warmer.

  3. Get a Smart Meter:Smart Energy GB has more about Smart Meters, or just speak to your energy supplier directly about getting an installation.

  4. Turn off your electronic devices:Get further guidance on electronic devices and appliances from Energy Saving Trust

  5. Understand where your pension is invested:If you are thinking about making changes to your pension, consider obtaining professional advice. The Money Advice Service provides guidance on choosing a financial advisor.

  6. Walk or cycle on short journeys: Public Health England’s The “Active 10” app can help you build ten minutes of brisk walking into your day.

  7. Test drive an electric vehicle: Go Ultra Low is a joint government and industry campaign which aims to increase purchase consideration of electric vehicles. It also includes a useful tool to estimate how much you could save by driving an electric vehicle.

  8. Recycle and avoid food waste by planning meals in advance: Love Food, Hate Waste has helpful tips on how to reduce the amount of food you throw away.

  9. Recycle more – and use the right bin: Recycle More has lots of information about recycling for households.

  10. Use a reusable coffee cup, water bottle and shopping bag: Find out about refill schemes which allow you to fill up your water bottle for free.

Advice for businesses

Advice for businesses

  1. Prevent waste by reusing and recycling: Take a look at Business in the Community’s circular office resources and sign up to the circular office campaign. You can also find out more with WRAP’s recycling guide for offices.

  2. Cut your energy use: Take a look at the Carbon Trust’s report, Office based companies: Maximising energy savings in an office environment (April 2018). Note that you need to register for free account.

  3. Get a Smart Meter: Smart Energy GB has more about Smart Meters, or just speak to your energy supplier directly about getting an installation.

  4. Improve your buildings: The Carbon Trust’s Building Fabric Guide (March 2018) introduces the main energy saving opportunities relating to building fabric.

  5. Review your vehicle fleet: The Energy Saving Trust offers guidance and bespoke fleet consultancy services, funded by Department for Transport.

  6. Engage with your employees: Take a look at the Smart Energy GB and Carbon Trust employers’ guide to raise energy efficiency awareness at home and at work.

  7. Prioritise at Board Level: The Energy Managers Association provides a useful a guide on Energy Reduction for Boards and Directors.

  8. Find out if your business can benefit from ‘green’ tax reliefs.

  9. Find out if your business can benefit from government investment.

  10. Understand the long-term risks and opportunities of climate change for your business: Use the Taskforce for Climate Related Financial Disclosure’s knowledge hub to find out more.

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