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Guidance: Managing change: reducing teacher workload

School leaders and teachers have prepared these materials to help staff reduce workload related to managing change in schools.

Use the workshop with staff to help you plan your yearly calendar and avoid pinch points.

Use the practice examples to see what techniques other schools have been using to manage change, such as an impact matrix (the example given is for reviewing marking and assessment, but it can be adapted for other areas).

Our 3-stage guide to ‘Reducing workload in your school’ explains how to use the workload toolkit.

These materials are part of stage 2. Stage 1 contains tools to help you carry out a workload audit, and stage 3 contains tools to help schools evaluate the impact of changes after a workload review.


Thank you to the St Joseph’s College, Stoke-on-Trent, City of Norwich School, Norwich, Cam Everlands Primary School, Dursley, Danesfield School, Marlow, and Barr Beacon School, Walsall, for sharing their examples as well as all the schools who have contributed their time to share their practical examples.

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