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Health, Science and Social Care department awarded Quality Mark for education and training

Leeds City College of Social Science

The Health, Science and Social Care department at Leeds City College’s School (@leedscitycoll) of Social Science has received the Skills for Health Quality Mark Fully Endorsed status for its high quality education and training in the health sector.

The department provides a range of vocational courses and apprenticeships for students of all ages and levels. The courses aim to prepare students for work in the health industry by focusing on residential care and palliative care, including many work experience and placement opportunities. The healthcare apprenticeships offered are based in hospitals, hospices or GP surgeries. 

Skills for Health, a not-for-profit organisation aiming to develop an improved healthcare workforce, introduced the Quality Mark to recognise outstanding healthcare learning.

To gain Quality Mark status, employers, staff and students were interviewed and completed surveys. The department also provided a portfolio of evidence to support the quality provision delivered by the team. 

Laura Faber, Service Delivery Manager at Skills for Health, said:

“The School of Social Science demonstrated an incredibly high standard of training and learning delivery. To achieve the Quality Mark, the college went through a robust quality assurance mechanism, including a desktop review of documentation, an on-site visit and a 24 criterion reporting system.”

Estelle Brewer, Deputy Head of Health and Care Apprenticeships, said:

“To be recognised by Skills for Health is a testament to the hard work the team has put in over the years. We strive to nurture an experienced and caring workforce through engaging vocational courses and valuable apprenticeships.

“Achieving Quality Mark status provides us with the opportunity to develop new partnerships for a collaborative approach towards education in the healthcare sector.”

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