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Innovation at Newtown College’s Fronlas Farm

Cows in a field

@FronlasFarm (@NPTCGroup) has welcomed some exciting and innovative changes to improve the agriculture sector teaching provision this year.

The farm is NPTC Group of College’s 140-hectare mixed farm in Newtown, Mid-Wales. The College provides HND, Level 2 and 3 Land-based Agriculture and Ag-Engineering courses as well as 14-16 school link provision.

A wide range of short courses are also available such as ICT for Farmers and the Safe Use of ATVs, Tele-handlers, Pesticides, Sheep Dip, and Veterinary Medicines.  Recently there have been changes to the farming system at Fronlas Farm to continue the provision of sector-leading practice in Mid-Wales and the surrounding area.

Stabiliser cows have been introduced to improve the profitability of the beef enterprise, allowing the college to continue to demonstrate that mixed beef and sheep systems have an essential role in Wales, both economically and environmentally.

This year fodder beet has been grown to out-winter ewes after Farming Connect business analysis revealed feed costs as an area for improvement. After grazing the beet, the flock will be lambing in a newly constructed state of the art sheep shed which has been designed to promote sheep welfare by incorporating cutting edge design features.

Continuing the innovation theme, three members of the College teaching staff are presently undertaking master’s degrees. With this, we can ensure effective knowledge teaching of innovations being undertaken on the farm, as well as technologies on the horizon, and ultimately enrich our students learning as best we can.


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