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Innovative Alliance’s thrill after helping two thirds of learners secure positive outcomes

Adult Education Training Provider, Innovative Alliance (IA) are ecstatic after helping 2/3 of their learners land positive outcomes amidst the rapidly changing UK job market.

The job market and demand for roles has changed substantially over the past few months, after the UK became victim to the effects of COVID-19 back in March 2020. Despite the ongoing changes, the team at IA have supported many of their learners to secure positive outcomes after completing a fully-funded course with them.

Working predominantly across the North West, their team of specialists work with a wealth of partners to identify people in the local community who would benefit from the courses available at IA. One of their many partners include Job Centre Plus (JCP), who they work closely with to signpost people and help them back into the world of work. Their courses are fully-funded and are available to those who are unemployed or who are on a reduced income (eligibility applies).

The goal of IA is to support people back into the workplace through their industry specific training, and based on the number of learners they have helped, we would say they are achieving this goal!

The Adult Education Training Provider has seen amazing results from their Warehousing and Storage course in particular, with 44 of their learners who studied the free course between September and November 2020 progressing into employment upon completion. The team at IA recently teamed up with a national retailer to provide a SWAP (Sector Work Academy Programme), and 100% of the learners who attended the course were offered employment with the retailer. Similarly, their Level 2 warehousing course has seen 72% of its learners progressing on to employment.

Innovative Alliance CEO, Ian Green, said;

‘’During these unprecedented times it is wonderful that we have been able to consistently help our learners to secure positive outcomes. Helping individuals get back into work or further training is central to what we do, and those who are not successful in immediately securing their next steps are also supported by our team, with additional support being provided.’’

‘’After what has been an uncertain year for many, it’s nice to see our employer partners working with us to provide things like SWAPs that offer industry specific training with the opportunity of job outcomes at the end. This programme is a win-win for the employer and learner, we’re just the connector of the two.”

But it’s not just their Warehousing and Storage course where the Adult Education Training Provider is seeing positive results, their Barbering course has been thriving as well. Their ongoing partnership with a North West based Barbering chain has helped support aspiring Barbers to get into the workplace.

Whether you are looking to re-enter the workplace, or gain a new skill or two, IA can help you on your journey and offer information, advice, and guidance throughout the process. Why wait, start your journey now.

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